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            • 1

              fmcg personal care and toiletries

            • 2
              a dynamic UK company

            • 3

              providing essential brands

            • 4

              at exceptional value

            • 5

              our brands cover most personal care and health and beauty markets

            • 6

              Hair Care

            • 7

              Skin Care

            • 8

              Kids and Baby

            • 9

              Oral Care

            • 10

              Foot Care

            • 11

              House and Home

            • 12

              We supply to most major retailers

            • 13

              and a variety of stores and pharmacies

            • 14

              within the UK and over 40 countries worldwide

            • 15

              essential brands, exceptional value

            Welcome to fmcg

            Essential personal care & household products at
            exceptional price points

            fmcg ...are a dynamic personal care, toiletry and household company based in Manchester. We pride ourselves on providing essential brands at exceptional value throughout the UK and many export markets.
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            Over the past 25 years, we have taken care in developing and supporting our core brands through Nuage, Escenti, Hygienics, Dentiplus and Salon Chic, which are now established globally.

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