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            fmcg personal care home banner - essential brands, exceptional value

            Contacting fmcg Manchester

            fmcg welcomes your comments or feedback. Please feel free to contact us regards any products you find on this website.

            If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in stocking products from fmcg, our team of dedicated people will be pleased to assist you regarding any questions you may have about our products, specifications, ordering and delivery.

            Write to us at:

            Swirl Consumer Products Limited
            The Old School House
            39 Bengal Street
            M4 6AF
            United Kingdom
            Call: +44 (0)161 627 3061
            Fax: +44 (0)161 627 3134

            Or email us at: sales@fmcgltd.com. Please head your message 'Trade'

            Our Team

            Richard Shonn
            Managing Director

            Janice Lewis
            Accounts Coordinator

            John Stolc
            National Account Manager

            Adele Tabner
            Sales Coordinator

            Victoria Ingham
            Supply Chain / Assistant Buyer