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            fmcg haircare banner

            Haircare products from fmcg

            We provide a range of haircare products to suit most consumer needs. Our products range from everyday use shampoos and conditioners, to specialist products such as head lice shampoo, salon straightening products, gels, hair styling waxes and putty. Our brands tailor to a wide audience, from kids and babies, to male and female adults wanting to achieve various different styles. Why not browse our product range below to find out more.

            salon chic hair straightening productsSalon Chic

            Keep it seriously smooth with salon chic hair straightening products. Super effective straightening mist, balm and shine serum.

            Head funk unisex hair styling rangeHead Funk Extreme Unisex Styling

            Style with attitude! Head Funk hair gels, waxes, putty and gel spray provides styles with attitude at affordable prices.

            Systeme hair stylingSysteme Styling

            Style like a professional with the Systeme range of styling products.

            Escenti Childrens Head Lice Defence RangeEscenti Head Lice Defence

            A quality range of children's head lice defence products, including escenti head lice defence shampoo, conditioner and leave in spray. Keep head lice at bay!