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            Systeme hair styling banner

            Systeme Hair Care Range

            We've rationalised our range and created a stylish modern look for improved shelf impact. We've improved our shampoo range with new formulations, fragrances, richer texture and smoother consistency. All variants contain UV filters to help protect hair from sun damage. We've included new languages for our export customers to increase export opportunities.

            Systeme cleansing hampoo Systeme
            Cleansing Shampoo

            For greasy hair

            Specially formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 to help hair retain its
            natural shine. Contains UV filters to help protect hair from sun
            damage, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

            Systeme volume boost shampoo Systeme
            Volume Boost Shampoo

            For Fine or lifeless hair

            Volume Boost Shampoo is specially formulated to give extra volume and body to fine, flat or lifeless hair. It contains pro-vitamin B5 that helps strengthen, protect and provide shine.

            Systeme smooth and shiny hair shampooSysteme
            Smooth & Shiny Shampoo

            For all hair types

            Smooth & Shiny Shampoo is specially formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 and active ingredients, which nourish, moisture and smooth hair cuticles leaving hair feeling soft and smooth with a shiny look.

            Systeme Nourishing ShampooSysteme
            Nourishing Shampoo

            For dry damaged hair

            Nourishing shampoo is specially formulated to hydrate and restore moisture to dry/damaged hair. Will smooth hair cuticles whilst adding shine and preventing split ends, leaving hair feeling soft, smooth and nourished.

            Systeme Balance and care shampooSysteme
            Balance & Care Shampoo

            For Normal Hair

            Balance & Care shampoo specially formulated with pro-vitamin B5 to help retain its natural shine. Contains UV filters to help protect hair from sun damage, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and tangle free.

            Systeme frequent use conditioner Systeme
            Frequent Use Conditioner

            For all hair types

            Frequent Use Conditioner is specially formulated to condition and nourish your hair leaving it feeling softer, healthier, shiny and more manageable. Ideal for all hair types.

            Systeme 2 in 1 shampoo and conditionerSysteme 2 in 1
            Shampoo & Conditioner

            For all hair types

            2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner are specially formulated with conditioning agents and active ingredients that nourish, moisturise and smooth hair cuticles, leaving hair feeling soft and silky with a shiny look.