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            Head Funk banner

            Head Funk Extreme Hair Care

            Developed to create style with attitude the Head Funk Mega Hold Styling Range is aimed at the younger market, catering for both males and females wanting hair products to sculpt, shine, shape and define in exciting modern styles at a price they can afford.

            Head Funk Mega Hold Styling Hair GelHead Funk
            Extreme Style Gel

            Long lasting mega hold gel developed to create the most demanding styles for individual shape, style and definition.

            Resists heat and humidity so your style can be held all day and your hair is wicked, slick and shiny.

            Head Funk Extreme Hold Gel SprayHead Funk
            Extreme Gel Spray

            Extreme Gel Spray allows you to create any style with mega strong definition and shine. It provides long lasting hold, and is suitable for all hair types.

            Head Funk Extreme Styling WaxHead Funk
            Extreme Styling Wax

            Adds long lasting shape, definition and volume to any style.

            Applies easily to wet or dry hair.