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            Escenti Cool Feet Banner

            Escenti Cool Feet - Foot Care Products

            The new Escenti "Cool Feet" foot care range is enriched with menthol, peppermint and natural tea tree oil* to help revive, refresh, soften and soothe tired aching feet.

            Escenti Cool Feet Refreshing Foot SprayCool Feet
            Refreshing Foot Spray

            Specially formulated to keep feet refreshed & revitalised, with antiseptic and antibacterial properties to revive tired aching feet.

            Leaves feet feeling cool, soothed and refreshed.

            Escenti Cool Feet 50ml Deodorising Foot SprayCool Feet
            Deodorising Foot Spray

            This great new deodorising foot spray has been specially formulated to provide anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-septic properties leaving feet refreshed and revitalised.

            This handy sized 50ml spray is also perfect whilst on the move.

            Escenti Cool Feet Cracked Heel CreamCool Feet
            Cracked Heel Cream

            Contains a special blend of Urea, Vitamin E and added moisturisers to help even the most cracked and dry skin become soft and supple.

            Easily absorbed cream with menthol and peppermint helps cool and refresh tried aching feet.

            Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot LotionCool Feet
            Softening Foot Lotion

            With active moisturisers to help soften dry hard skin, leaving feet feeling smooth, soft and supple.

            Enriched with peppermint and menthol to help cool and refresh tired feet.

            Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot LotionEscenti Cool Feet Soothing Foot Soak - Green Tea & Chamomile

            Escenti Cool Feet Softening Foot LotionEscenti Cool Feet Soothing Foot Soak - Spearmint & Menthol