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            Escenti Tea Tree Banner

            Escenti Tea Tree Hair & Skin Care

            Tea tree, menthol and peppermint oil combine wonderfully to create the unique fresh stimulating and exhilarating fragrance found in the Escenti skincare ranges. Tea Tree oil has natural, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which have been used in quality personal care and cosmetic products for over seventy years.

            Escenti Tea Tree Hair Care has been created with the antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of tea tree, enhanced with peppermint, menthol and panthenol to help leave hair feeling clean and refreshed with added shine.

            Escenti Tea Tree Facial Wash GelEscenti Tea Tree
            Facial Wash Gel

            A deep cleansing facial wash designed to remove dirt, excess oils and helps to eliminate skin impurities.

            Helps leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Suitable for all skin types.

            Escenti Tea Tree Facial Gel ScrubEscenti Tea Tree
            Facial Gel Scrub

            Formulated with tea tree to help moisturise and exfoliate the skin.

            Helps leave a clean and bright complexion. Suitable for all skin types

            Escenti Tea Tree ShampooEscenti Tea Tree

            Specially developed with Tea Tree, peppermint oils and menthol plus mild cleansers. It also contains panthenol to help give extra body leaving your hair feeling clean and refreshed.

            Escenti Tea Tree ConditionerEscenti Tea Tree

            Specially developed with Tea Tree, peppermint oils, menthol and panthenol to help condition and refresh your hair leaving it healthier, shiny and manageable.

            Escenti Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand WashEscenti Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Wash

            Mild and gentle soap free anti-bacterial pH balanced handwash.

            Formulated with natural antiseptic tea tree oil to help remove germs. Available in 500ml.

            Escenti Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Wash Escenti Tea Tree Cleansing Facial Wipes

            Escenti Facial Cleansing Wipes enriched with tea tree and peppermint oil have been specially formulated to help cleanse and refresh your skin by removing excess dirt, make-up and other skin impurities helping to promote a clearer complexion.